Hauser Heinrich - artforge and restorer

A company of a special kind

The service of the art forge Heinrich Hauser ranges form modern to traditional ironwork to metal design and metalworking in general. The objekts are mostly made by own designs and ideas, including furnishings, railings, decorative utensils, tombs and grave crosses, basically all objekts made of metal.

Sculptures and works that demand a special functionality or artistic design are created by Heinrich Hauser under the name Herrero.

Furthermore, restorations of various metal objects, from the grave cross to listed buildings are carried out. Special features of the company include salvaging and transports of larger archaeological finds, such as Bronze Age copper smelting furnaces, as well as replicas made by Hauser for Museums.

One of the areas of specialization is the artificial roasting developed by Heinrich Hauser, which allows desired shades and patterns.

Private individuals, companies, as well as museums and public institutions from home and abroad are the most frequent customers.

"Contact me, you will be surprised what is possible!"

Mitautor an der Publikation "Metalle auf der Bühne der Menschheit"

Interview im Film "Tamina in Südtirol" (Minute 40-42 und 54-56)